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Current COVID numbers for Saline County. Information updates 10:30 pm daily except on Saturday. Click link below


COVID 19 - Region 1- 5

Level 1

Region Map is located on our Facebook page.

Social Distancing Rules/Recommendations: Maintain 6 ft between you and anyone else who's not in your household. Wear a mask if at all possible, but especially if you can't maintain 6 feet distance.
Gatherings: any intentional or spontaneous, public or private gatherings
Screening: Questions concerning travel and/or symptoms, temperature check
These are guidelines and recommendations not rules or orders!
Saline County Health Department will release the level weekly. It is your personal responsibility to enforce this among staff, patrons, self and family at your discretion
Saline County Health Department is NOT limited to these recommendations. An order can be placed in effect if it's for the greater good of public health.
Saline County Health Department reserves the right to change risk level any time based on circumstances.

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